Pacific Timesheet Announces New Integration Utility Enhancements

Import/Export and Web Services integration utilities scale to tens of thousands items

Pacific Timesheet, the leading name in timesheet and time tracking systems, announced enhanced integration utilities in its integration toolset that interfaces with third party applications. The company's customers can use these features to synchronize hundreds of thousands of employee, project, task and other records real time.

Pacific Timesheet CEO Pat Conrad stated, "A major mission for Pacific Timesheet is to help customers maintain 100% valid data in our systems so they can process payroll, billing and costing smoothly on time. These integration utility enhancements to our integration toolset will help customers quickly build and maintain important integration points for their business."

The Pacific Timesheet integration toolset allows customers to integration and synchronize important company data such as customers, employee, projects, jobs, tasks and others. In any cases Pacific Timesheet customers are synhronizing customer lists of up to 100,000 records every few minutes. In other cases, records are being updated real time through web services.