Pacific Timesheet Announces Automatic Meal Deduction Enhancements

Automatically deduct amounts according to meal policies

Pacific Timesheet, the leading name in timesheet and time tracking systems, announced enhanced
that it has released completely customizable meal deduction rules for its already extensive employee policies. The rule will automatically deduct a specified number of minutes for any meal during the day using intuitive settings that are easy to configure.

Pacific Timesheet CEO Pat Conrad stated, "Many customers need to have lunch or late dinners automatically deducted from work hours for hourly employees. But supervisors, already stretched thin, do not have the bandwidth to monitor it." Conrad continued, "This is one of those 'set it and forget it' features that Pacific Timesheet has proven so capable of providing."

Pacific Timesheet meal deduction rules are part of its extensive policies and rules engine that can apply timesheet policies and rules down to the employee level.