Pacific Timesheet Announces New Integration Utility Enhancements

WiFi and Wireless Access Support for Construction and Field services

Pacific Timesheet, the leading name in timesheet and time tracking systems, announced enhanced iPhone support for its crew and field services time tracking software. The company's customers can use now this feature to perform bulk time tracking of project or jobs and extensive time entry details.

Pacific Timesheet CEO Pat Conrad stated, "A major challenge for our customers has been tracking and reporting on jobs and projects for field crews real time. These enhanced crew time entry interfaces for the iPhone will allow our customers to have real time visibility into their project and job hours and costs real time ensuring costs and jobs are on on schedule."

Pacific Timesheet iPhone edition allows employees to track project time, comments and other attributes at any project level. A rules engine validates project time-sheet hours upon submission, ensuring that project overtime rules are followed and data entry is accurate. For any time period, can identify project, phase or task overtime by employee or group. Bulk time entry allows field managers and construction foremen to enter team time quickly. These features add more depth to Pacific Timesheet's existing time-sheet features that track estimated hours, percent completion rates and performance variances.