Pacific Timesheet and SurePayroll Announce Software/Services Integration Solution

Over the years, Pacific Timesheet has continually added to the stable of payrolls it integrates with. Many of these have included payrolls for middle market and larger companies such as Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft, ADP and and Paychex. Now Pacific Timesheet will provide turnkey integration with SurePayroll, a leading payroll services company with more than 25,000 customers.

Pacific Timesheet provides one of the leading payroll timesheet web-based applications in the world, both as SaaS (software as a service) delivery and as self-hosted software. "Pacific Timesheet is offering a tunkey time tracking and payroll services solution with SurePayroll that is highly flexible yet cost effective," stated Jim Dickerson VP of Operations. "We are very excited to partner with SurePayroll, a major payroll provider with more than 25,000 customers." Pacific Timesheet already provides integrated payroll timesheet, time off and absence management solutions.

"Pacific Timesheet Tim Clock Integration gives employers peace of mind, knowing there won’t be manual data entry errors when it comes to payroll hours," says SurePayroll Vice President of Product Management Steve Kania. "Pacific Timesheet automatically now synchronizes with SurePayroll. It's just one more way we're trying to make payroll easier for the small business employer."

Dickerson continued, "In addition, we support simple yet flexible policy and rules engines for accruals and overtime calculations," said Dickerson. Pacific Timesheet also supports complicated California rules including accrual caps and 7th consecutive day overtime rules.

SurePayroll customers should contact Pacific Timesheet at or can register for a free consultation, trials or demos at: