Pacific Timesheet Announced Multiple Billing Rate and Multiple Pay Rate Enhancements

Many companies have such complicated and multiple billing rate rules that they have no choice but to support them manually. Some use paper timesheets and got through the arduous task of consolidating data by hand. Others use excel spreadsheets and consolidate manually or with macros. In both cases, this is often necessary to support multiple bill rates and multiple pay rates using many different scenarios. In the case of a Construction or Field Services firm, billing rates for jobs can vary by cost code, equipment being using for a task, the location or the worker's role. In the case of Oil and Gas field services, pay rates for workers can also vary by locations, the type of work, shift, location or other pay differentials. In the case of services firms, professionals providing nursing services, for example, in a customer's home, might have pay rates the vary by the services being delivered, other tasks performed, or even a particular customer attribute that is tracked with timesheet data. Whatever the factors that drive billing and pay rate rules, a time and work tracking solution must be flexible and allow rates to be determined by combinations of any factors in the system.