New release! Pacific Timesheet 6.72

A new version of Pacific Timesheet is now available, version 6.72. This version has two key features a number of customers have requested:

  • New Accrual Option - Forecasting Only
    A new accrual option is available that, if checked, will cause accruals to only be used to compute or forecast available leave for requests. The accruals will not be added to the actual balance. This is useful for situations where you are importing or setting balances from an external HR or payroll system, but would still like leave requests to show future available balances. To find out more go to the System > Policies > Balance and Accrual Rules page and click the online help link.
  • Minimum Work Hours Per Day
    There is a new time entry rule, "Minimum Work Hours Per Day", that allows you to require that employees account for each work day, Monday through Friday. This rule is run when the timesheet is submitted, and both work and leave hours are counted when totaling the number of hours worked each day.

You can see all of the changes here:

If you are using the online service, it will be updated to this version within a few weeks. If you are self-hosting Pacific Timesheet, you should receive an email with download instructions, or you can contact